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Cycling for fun and sanity.



Bjørn Lexius

Since 2012 Björn works as a freelance photographer in Hamburg. His passion for cycling comes through in his work time and again. Be it through clients like Bergamont Bicycles, Aventon Bikes, Affinity Cycles, Heroine Bikes, Red Hook Crit or personal long-term projects like WE ARE TRAFFIC.

For about the past ten years Bjørn was mostly seen cruising the cities on one of his fixed gear bikes before a crash stopped him in his tracks and somehow fear took over. He also got weight and became some sort of couch potato. 

With the purchase of his gravel bike the passion for riding bikes got reignited in him and luckily he is able to share this with Jana now. 

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Canyon Grail CF SL, Affinity LoPro, IRD Betula Pista


traditional tattoos, Star Wars, punk & hardcore music, movies, exploring new places and cultures, dogs, being free, vegan fast food

What's important to me?

animal rights, living free, equality for all human and non-human beings

Destination bucket list

Sweden, California, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, PNW


get fitter, lose some more weight, explore new places