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Cycling for fun and sanity.



Jana Streich

Jana was born in the early 90s as a twin sister. After graduating from high school with a degree in art and design, she trained as a visual merchandiser. But as life goes, she moved to her city of choice, Hamburg, and is now working as a social media manager for an agency.


Since being a child, she loved the sea and spent many of her childhood vacations at the North Sea. Vegan cooking and baking (and a lot of talking about it) are among her favorite activities, but she likes eating these delicacies even more. 

Writing and photography are also part of her life. She loves art and especially likes to wear it under her skin.

Cycling has always been her favorite means of transportation - being a city person, she has always been flexible and independent that way. As soon as she is tired of city life, she takes a ride out into nature, where she finds peace and distance from her everyday life. 

In some situations she is very perfectionistic and spontaneity is not one of her strengths. She likes to plan things beforehand to be prepared for everything. 



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Specialized Diverge Base Carbon


vegan food, the sea, music, words, cats, ice cream, art

What's important to me?

animal rights, gender equality

Destination bucket list

Denmark, Austria, Spain, California


try bike packing, try out riding a road bike