Hej, I’m BJØRN

I grew up in a small town between Münster and Dortmund, born in the year when punk rock and Star Wars came to life, and I love both more than anything. I think that explains a certain “rebellious streak” pretty well.

I moved to Hamburg in the 2000s and fell in love with this city. I still love it, even though I can imagine moving to a warmer place.

For the past decade, I was mostly seen riding one of my fixed-gear bikes through the cities before a crash stopped me and fear took over a bit. I also gained weight and became a bit of a couch potato.

Fortunately, with the purchase of my gravel bike, the passion for cycling was rekindled in me, and I am even luckier that I can now share it with Jana.

I work as photographer and next to cycling I also photograph weddings all over the world. A New York magazine named me one of the rising stars of the industry.