Our creed was forged from a raw, gritty need to upend the stale narratives of cycling culture, fostering wellness, unity, and an untamed embrace of the elements.

About Us

Discover together

Living in Hamburg, we, Björn and Jana, found ourselves trapped in the city’s constant buzz, yearning for mental balance and serenity. Our shared love for freedom, excitement, and nature’s call led us to gravel biking and bikepacking. Both passionate photographers, with photography also being Björn’s profession, we started capturing the beauty of our journey.

Our love for cycling has evolved into an adventure-filled exploration, not just a way to escape but to thrive. Healing through the open road’s embrace, together, we ride, explore, laugh, and cherish life’s infinite possibilities, and the sense of liberation only a bike ride can offer.

OUR Mission

Confined by nothing but our passions, we took to Instagram to share our experiences. We forged our path, a path that isn’t afraid to touch the emotional & unconventional, and it’s distinctly ours. We speak, we roar, and we follow no one’s rules but our own.

Inspiring and encouraging others to break free from unwritten laws and tired clichés is our purpose. Who says cycling must be about “Higher, Faster, Further?” We believe in redefining what it means to be a cyclist.

New experiences? We embrace them. Society’s expectations? We defy them. Performance and competition? Not always our goal. We’re here to say it’s okay to be different, to share, to explore, to laugh, and to love every turn of the pedals.

We ride with a belief that transcends conventional wisdom: all are welcome, and no one should dictate who can or should experience the joy of cycling.

who we are

We invite you to step closer and discover the individuals who breathe life into these adventures. Here, we offer a glimpse into our essence. It’s a space where you can get to know each of us, not just as cyclists but as people with stories, passions, and dreams that extend beyond the trails. This is where our personal philosophies shine through, shedding light on the motivations that drive us forward, both on and off the bike.


“What cycling could mean for me, I could never have imagined before. Living in the moment and being able to turn off your restless head is worth so much.”


“Who would have thought that a child who learned to ride a bike late and was once hit by a motorcycle, becomes a passionate cyclist?”