• We always carry a Sony A9 and a Sony A7c with us. Our lenses include a Sony 35mm 1.8, a Sony 55mm 1.8 and occasionally a Sony 70-200 4.0. It is important for us that the equipment is not too heavy and handy.

  • Björn uses the Rider Strap from PS Bagworks, with mounts from Peak Design. The Rider Strap is a 1-inch strap with a removable stabilizer strap that holds the camera securely on the back when not in use. Designed specifically for cyclists, this strap features a magnetic quick-release buckle that allows the camera to be slid forward for photo shoots.

    Jana uses the Rille Strap, which is a single stabilizing strap that can be combined with the camera strap she already has. Both systems are similar in principle and we can recommend both.

  • During the ride, we film with two GoPro Hero 10s and a Hero 9. When we’re not on the bike, we use a Sony A9 and a Sony A7c. Unfortunately, the Sony A9 can’t film in log format. We edit our videos with Davinci Resolve Studio, but there is also a free version that should be enough for most people.

  • We get the music in our videos from Epidemic Sound. There are many providers on the net that offer good music for Creator, but for us the price-performance ratio fits best with Epidemic Sound. They have a very large selection in many different genres of music and we can always find music that supports the mood in our videos. It’s also very important for us that we don’t violate other artists’ copyright and only use music that we have a license for. If you want to try Epidemic Sound for a month, follow this link: https://www.epidemicsound.com/referral/p6h9o3