It’s Sunday, 8 o’clock, we knew we wanted to go ride our bikes today, but had not yet made a plan where to. I had two options in mind: for the upcoming Orbit360 series two tracks had been planned in the Hamburg area. Since one of the tracks included a place we had already ridden many times, the Holmer Sandberge, we decided to go for the other one. Our friends Johanna & Timo had scouted this track and I had seen interesting photos of it. But since we didn’t want to ride 190km, we replanned the track and made ourselves a barely 100km variant.

After having breakfast, at least for me since Jana didn’t really feel like eating a lot this morning, we were about to get ready. Well… Jana was. I myself first had to go on a quest for my socks. Do you know this situation? You’re searching the drawer for the pair of socks you’re looking for, but you just can’t find ’em. You’re looking again and again and all of a sudden the socks appear right in front of your eyes? How blind can one be? Anyway. Let’s just download the route to the Wahoo and off we go.


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