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Exploring is about finding something that is unknown. It means discovering something hidden, but for us it means one thing above all: exploring the world around us and being aware of our surroundings.

For us, being outdoors means being independent and moving at our own pace. It makes us feel alive and lets us embrace the life around us.

On our bikes we want to breathe in and out the fresh air, we want to see landscapes we didn't know before, we want to cross places rich in history, big cities and small villages and capture them in our minds and with our cameras.

We want to take you with us on our journeys and show you reasons why it is worthwhile to ride on new paths and to open your eyes. We want to change our perspective and look at the world as we may have never done before. And you might not either.

Follow along, get on your bike and let's share the beauty of exploring!

"Die Welt sehen, Dinge, an die heranzukommen gefährlich ist, hinter Mauern blicken, sich näher kommen, einander finden und fühlen, das ist der Sinn des Lebens."


Want to know what we experience on and with our bikes? Then check out our blog. On there, we share stories about our rides, exciting places we have visited and round up the story with many, many photos.

The heathlands of the Nordheide

Extensive heathland, views, and vistas far from the hustle and bustle and traffic.


Where the wind comes from the west

Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine I'm sitting by the sea. Around the Frisian island of Sylt.


Going Home - Our first bikepacking adventure

Our very first bikepacking trip. We are visiting our families for the first time in 1.5 years of the pandemic.


New Bike Day - Ribble CGR SL Gravel Bike Shimano GRX Di2

New bikes? Why? Were the "old" ones not good enough (anymore)?


What did we bring on our first bikepacking trip?

With our first bikepacking adventure recently complete, we've been going through our packing lists to sum up what went well and what may not so much.


Our first Bikepacking Overnighter in Denmark

For our first Gravel Bikepacking Overnighter, it went for us by train to Sylt, up in the north of the island and then with the Sylt ferry over to the Danish island of Rømø, where we wanted to spend our first night in the tent. What we experienced during the two days, you can see in the video. Have fun.


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