After we spontaneously got on the train to Sylt with our bikes in the early season last year and spent an incredibly great day there that felt like a vacation, we couldn’t get rid of the thought of repeating it all over again.

I voiced this desire throughout the summer. Due to the pandemic, there was no “real” vacation for us except for a few trips with our gravel bikes around Hamburg and a tour to Lübeck.

Because I used to spend a lot of time and vacations by the sea as a child, I had a little wanderlust for the sea, for the North German coast, to be exact. For the fresh salty air and the feeling that spreads through you when you’re by the sea.

However, the total of about 6 hours train ride, this year turned out to be a bigger obstacle: Do we really want to sit in a train for so long during this time? How can we travel “most safely”?


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