Moin (this is how we say “hello” here in Hamburg) and welcome to This is our place on the web, where we want to write about everything that is connected with cycling in our lives.

So far we only did this via our Instagram profile, but we wanted more. As much as we both like Instagram and spend quite a bit of time there, whether for private or professional purposes, there are some things about Instagram that we don’t like that much. Instagram as a platform is just very limiting, whether it’ s about image formats (you should hear our discussions, that an image looks much better in landscape format, but then is displayed too small on Instagram to draw attention), about the length of texts or just which photos get attention and which ones just don’t “work” on the platform.

With this website we are solving all these problems for us, because we can write more detailed about things that would otherwise be overlooked on Instagram. We can share more photos and share them in reasonable size and quality. Plus, having something to work on with each other is fantastic. After all, we share a passion for cycling and also for photography and social media. So why not try to get more out of it?

Along with this website we are making plans and thinking of ideas for what’s to come and this could all be quite exciting. To start new projects is always something great and in this crazy year 2020 we thought we should use the time to do so.

We are happy to have you here.

// Jana & Björn