It's Sunday, 8 o'clock; we knew that we wanted to ride the bike today but still had no plan where to go. I had two options in mind: For the upcoming Orbit360 series, two routes were planned in the Hamburg area. Since one of the routes included a place we had biked many times before, the Holmer Sandberge, we decided on the other. Our friends Johanna & Timo had scouted this route, and I had seen exciting photos of it. Since we did not want to ride 190 km, we edited the route and ended up with just under 100km variant.

After we had breakfast, at least I had, since Jana didn't really feel like eating much this morning, we wanted to get ready. Well... Jana was. I had to go in search of my socks first. You know that situation? You look in the drawer for that pair of socks, but you just can't find them. You keep searching, and suddenly the socks appear right in front of your eyes? How blind can you be? So be it. Let's just download the route for the Wahoo, and off we go.


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