The heathland of the Nordheide

Highly motivated we planned our tour towards Lüneburg Heath for April 2nd, and suddenly we ended up with 130km to go. A lot of loose surface but also some tarmac ahead of us. Well knowing that we will certainly be hungry on this tour and due to the only open stores (supermarkets) would be completely overcrowded because of the Easter holidays, I baked small pizza buns to take with us the day before. Nothing is worse than being hungry on the road. I just like to be prepared.

So Saturday morning, after breakfast, at about 2° Celsius around 8:30 a.m. we started our day.
We rode through the Hafencity – pretty relaxed this morning, as a large part of the streets were closed off and security guards were standing around everywhere. Supposedly a film shoot took place here, of which we have seen nothing, but plenty of people took the chance to shoot here for YouTube or for Tik Tok – who knows.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any pictures of the rest of the route here. As Björn mentioned (time and time again), every single part of his body that was hurting, and each and every little hill that we had to climb, was draining all of our energy, I was already dreaming of something delicious to eat on the couch back home. We pushed on only to get home quickly. 

No later than at this point we were more complaining than enjoying the surroundings and the beautiful nature. But sometimes that’s the way it is. We have been very ambitiously approaching the route minding that we have not ridden so many kilometers at a time for quite a while. Most likely, we also felt the just under 800 meters of altitude directly. We are just real flatland folks. 

In total, we had 7 ½ hours of moving time and were on the road a little more than 10 hours.  Nevertheless, this route was beautiful and worthwhile in any case. We’ ll definitely ride it again.


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Wittmoor & Tangstedter Forst

After a ride to the West of Hamburg on Saturday, we found ourselves back on the sofa at night, talking about where to go to on Sunday. Like it does kinda often it ended up with “no clue, what do you think?” So we decided for a direction, North it was this time.

We opened up Komoot and started clicking and compiling our route. I knew from talking to a friend that he liked the Wittmoor and the Tangstedter Forst a lot, and as none of us had been there yet, this was going to be part of our route for sure. Added some other spots as well and ended up at around 70km.


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Nuclear Power Plant & Industrial Ruins

It’s Sunday, 8 o’clock, we knew we wanted to go ride our bikes today, but had not yet made a plan where to. I had two options in mind: for the upcoming Orbit360 series two tracks had been planned in the Hamburg area. Since one of the tracks included a place we had already ridden many times, the Holmer Sandberge, we decided to go for the other one. Our friends Johanna & Timo had scouted this track and I had seen interesting photos of it. But since we didn’t want to ride 190km, we replanned the track and made ourselves a barely 100km variant.

After having breakfast, at least for me since Jana didn’t really feel like eating a lot this morning, we were about to get ready. Well… Jana was. I myself first had to go on a quest for my socks. Do you know this situation? You’re searching the drawer for the pair of socks you’re looking for, but you just can’t find ’em. You’re looking again and again and all of a sudden the socks appear right in front of your eyes? How blind can one be? Anyway. Let’s just download the route to the Wahoo and off we go.


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Festive 500 / 2020 – AN EXPERIENCE REPORT

// FESTIVE 500


0 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


60 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


135 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


202 of 500km

Completely exhausted, tired, sensing parts of my body that I haven’t sensed in ages. Today’s rest day is obviously much needed. How one can feel so limp after some cycling is a mystery to me. An even bigger mystery is, what does my body want from me? And this … knee…

Jana also feels a bit tired and has slight muscle soreness, but compared to me, she seems to be in top shape.

// FESTIVE 500


202 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


281 of 500km

Buddy, can we go out and ride tonight…?

No, unfortunately not, Lefty. My knee is complaining again and on top of that I pinched some nerve yesterday and my back is hurting. 

So: sofa so good. 

Jana rode a solid 40km on Zwift next to the sofa. Being a good husband, I supported her mentally and with refilled bidons.

I want to get out again… But I have to listen to my body.

// FESTIVE 500


321 of 500km

It’s day 7 of the #festive500 challenge and as I write these words, I’m lying on the sofa with my leg resting up. Things with my knee have not changed, so that’s it for the challenge for me. However, as I am not alone, I have this wonderful woman by my side. She has reached 387/500km and has just dropped the idea of doing the remaining kilometers tomorrow on Zwift in two stages. I have nothing but admiration left for her. Yes, it’s not cold and windy inside, but with the monotony on the turbo, I would never do more than 2 hours of riding on it. 

I’m very curious to see if Jana will pull this off tomorrow. Let’s see, maybe we’ll share something with you folks. I strongly believe in her and if it doesn’t work out, she will still have ridden as many kilometers in that 8 day period as never before.

// FESTIVE 500


387 of 500km

I, on the other hand, decided to finish the remaining kilometers on the rollers on Zwift.

Happy New Years. Day 8 of the #festive500 and thus the last day. Unfortunately Björn could not continue, his challenge was over after 280km. Thanks to his painful knee. But you have to listen to your body. 

So this meant: 120km left to go. 

Indoors, my longest ride so far was 50km. Although you are not exposed to the elements, riding outside is a bit more exciting and diverse.

Totally motivated I rode the first 61km, ate a piece of cake and started the second ride. 

After 4 1/2 hours of riding I was done. 

Finally, with 511km, at least one of us mastered the challenge. We are both proud of ourselves – because we have not done that many kilometers in a row before and I have only really started cycling this summer.

Let’s see if we will try again next year, in any case we are looking forward to a 2021 with lots of time on the bike!

1st time on an E-Bike: Testing the Specialized Turbo Creo SL EVO in the field

Welcome to Ride Punk Ride

Moin (this is how we say “hello” here in Hamburg) and welcome to This is our place on the web, where we want to write about everything that is connected with cycling in our lives. So far we only did this via our Instagram profile, but we wanted more. As much as we both like Instagram and spend quite a bit of time there, whether for private or professional purposes, there are some things about Instagram that we don’t like that much. Instagram as a platform is just very limiting, whether it’ s about image formats (you should hear our discussions, that an image looks much better in landscape format, but then is displayed too small on Instagram to draw attention), about the length of texts or just which photos get attention and which ones just don’t “work” on the platform. With this website we are solving all these problems for us, because we can write more detailed about things that would otherwise be overlooked on Instagram. We can share more photos and share them in reasonable size and quality. Plus, having something to work on with each other is fantastic. After all, we share a passion for cycling and also for photography and social media. So why not try to get more out of it?

Along with this website we are making plans and thinking of ideas for what’s to come and this could all be quite exciting. To start new projects is always something great and in this crazy year 2020 we thought we should use the time to do so.

We are happy to have you here.

// Jana & Björn