Two very different castles


North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


40,8 km


210 m


19,84 km


3,14 km

One thing to be said up front, this isn't an incredibly long or challenging route. It's a relaxed 40 kilometers that invite you to linger and marvel at the highlights. For us, discovering new places or rediscovering places we already know is always part of the experience.

To ensure that the route is accessible to many people, it starts at the small train station in Werne. It then leads along the Werner Stadtwald, past the school center, and along the hospital out of the town.

After just a few, really very few kilometers, you'll pass the first highlight. (Not for us personally, since we don't drink alcohol.) For you, however, the Ehringhausen Korn distillery might be interesting. Here you can browse the selection of liqueurs, brandies, and gins in the farm store or book a tour of the distillery, including tasting.

You are continuing amidst fields, meadows, and woods. Along the edges of Südkirchen and through a small nature reserve called Bakenbusch. After about 13 kilometers, you will reach the southern entrance of the Nordkirchen castle park. Through beautiful forest paths, you proceed to Schloss Nordkirchen. While you can already see the castle, you will pass the Oranienburg before the steps at the moat in front of the castle invite you to pause and daydream.

The next kilometers will take you through the typical Münsterland area: fields, meadows, and forests. After a total of just under 30 kilometers, you'll reach Schloss Westerwinkel. It's not as massive as Schloss Nordkirchen but has a charm all of its own. For us, it's much more appealing than Schloss Nordkirchen. We prefer it to be low-key. To leave Schloss Westerwinkel behind you, you keep riding across the golf course, on paths, of course.

After another kilometer, you pass the Horne spring. A bench invites you to take a break, but you've just had one. So you continue riding down the forest highway. Passing a stamping station of the Way of St. James, the last 10 kilometers lead you back to the train station in Werne.


Distillery Ehringhausen

A local Korn distillery that is passionate about creating new flavors for brandies and liqueurs: also, since summer 2016, the company has added a gin made from high-quality botanicals.

The origins of the Ehringhausen distillery date back to 1962. It is located on the Ehringhausen farm, whose history dates back to 1237.

Distillery Ehringhausen

Nordkirchen Castle

Schloss Nordkirchen is one of the most famous and popular destinations in the Münsterland region and is an impressive example of great architecture. The "Westphalian Versailles" is situated in the middle of an enormous park. It is an outstanding example of an entirely preserved baroque complex.

The 18th-century castle with its spacious park of around 170 hectares has been declared worthy of protection by UNESCO as a "total work of art of international standing".

Westerwinkel Castle

Schloss Westerwinkel is a baroque moated castle.

The peculiarity of this castle is not based on an eventful past or on a fascinating architectural history. Rather, it differs from all other castles rather by its own character. It is reserved, like the inhabitants of this area; it hides in the high forests and in the meadows and fields enclosed with hedges; it seems to want to remain rather alone, hidden from any stranger, content with itself and its small world.




What did we bring on our first bikepacking trip?

In our previous blog post, we told you about our first bike packing adventure. In the lead-up to it, we extensively thought about what we would take with us and how we would be able to stow everything on our bikes.

With a few weeks distance to the trip, we want to draw a conclusion. What was useful and what was unnecessary. What would we do again so and what different, all this in this article.


How many bags do we need? What size do they need to be? Being on the road for the first time or planning to be on the road, you start asking yourself many questions.

Important: they need to be waterproof because late German summers also mean challenges in terms of weather. You cannot rely so much on the sunshine all the time.

Also, as spacious as possible, but not too big. Finally, we want to reduce ourselves to the bare essentials and not take anything with us that is unnecessary.


Staying hydrated while cycling is not always so easy but should not be underestimated.

Since carrying the bags, we opted for two bottles by Fidlock, each with 590 ml. Because of the magnetic system, they got the advantage of being usable even when there is little space. Without space-consuming bottle cages, they make a fantastic addition to our setup. Plus, the lid keeps the mouthpiece free of dirt in all weather conditions.


Which bags did Jana use?

My bike offers many attachment points on both the frame and fork; this allowed me to use a large frame bag and attach my water bottles to the fork, even though I only ride a 52 frame.

- Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack (6l)
- Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack (17l)
- Apidura Expedition Top Tube Pack (1l)
- Apidura Backcountry Food Pouch (1.2l)

What's in my bag?

Taking more with you than you need is a relatively simple problem and one that everyone is familiar with. But there are some things you don't want to do without. The most important thing, of course, is the snacks. When it comes to hygiene items, I opt for miniature versions and bottled products.


Muc Off C3* Ceramic Lube Wet // Cash cards & cash (Ögon Smart Case Original) // Lighting (Light & Motion Vis Pro 100 Trail & Vis 180 Pro) // disinfectant // tissues // 2x bicycle tube



iPhone charging cable // XLayer Powerbank Micro 5.000 // Wahoo ELMNT Roam charging cable // Charging cable for the lights // Apple Watch charging cable (forgotten!) // Wahoo heart rate monitor

Food / Snacks

Throat Candy // Clif Bloks Energy Chews Mountain Berry // Various Protein and Energy Bars // Salted Nuts // Vegan Chili Mayonnaise // Isostar Powertabs Cranberry


Antibacterial Chamois Cream - Pour Femmes // Shower gel // Hydrophil toothbrush // Shampoo & dry shampoo // Toothpaste tabs for 2 // FFP 2 masks // Hairbrush // SPF 50 sunscreen // Handkerchiefs // Deo // Face cream

Emergency kit

Anti-tick and mosquito spray // Tick forceps // Wound disinfection // Painkillers // Hygiene wipes or baby wipes


Which bags did Björn use?

My Grail is not the ideal bike for bike packing, as there are only a few attachment points and the handlebars are not really suitable for bags. For this tour, the possibilities were sufficient, but if we still had to take a sleeping setup, it would be difficult. Whether I can somehow attach a handlebar bag, I will have to try.

Apidura Expedition Frame Pack (3l)
Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack (17l)
Apidura Backcountry Downtube Pack (1.8l)

What's in my bag?

Taking more with you than you need is a relatively simple problem and one that everyone is familiar with. But there are some things you don't want to do without. The most important thing, of course, is the snacks. When it comes to hygiene items, I opt for miniature versions and bottled products.


throat candy // bike lock // credit cards // ID // smartphone


Wind vest // 1 long jersey // 2 short jerseys // Rain gloves // Baselayer // Leg warmers // Arm warmers // Cap // Loop // 2 Bibs // T-shirt // longsleeve // jeans // 3 boxers // 3 pair socks // Helmet + Sunglasses // Windbreaker // cycling shoes // Flip flops


Tire Lever // Tubes // Air Pump // Multitool


Camera // Lens // Memory cards // Camera batteries // Solar power bank // iPhone charging cable // Wahoo Elemnt Roam charging cable // charging cable for lights // Wahoo heart rate monitor // Front and rear light (Light & Motion as well) Vis Pro 100 Trail and Vis 180 Pro)


Chamois cream // FFP-2 masks // Muc-Off Amino Recovery Balm // Allergy tablets // Pain ointment // Face cream // Deo // Toothbrush


After these (eternally long) lists, what would we change next time?

In general, we probably had a bit too much clothing with us. Given that we also had washing facilities available, less would have been enough. Some parts were also unnecessary because of the weather, but that is often not reliably evaluated in advance. So it's better to have too much with you.

Jana feels she didn't really need her top tube bag. It is handy, but everything she kept in it, she could have probably also stowed in her jersey.

Speaking of bags, I definitely got a food pouch on my list for next time. I will have to try it with Janas pouch, whether I can attach it well to my handlebars, but these pouches come in very handy. It would be possible to have more food close at hand, transport an additional drink, or have some technology in the quick access.

We would also add band-aids and a warming blanket to our first aid kit, just in case.

You've probably noticed a bunch of charging cables on our lists, so we want to find out if there are any small, portable ways to replace them with multi-adapters to charge multiple devices at one outlet without having to take a bulky multi-outlet with you. So far, we have unfortunately not found anything.

Another essential purchase on the shopping list for us (especially since we want to be out and about camping and stuff) is a Leatherman (or a similar multi-tool). We have already started to inform us, and it is exciting how nerdy this topic is and what these tools are capable of and offer.

When we talked about this resume yesterday, we agreed that the very most important thing was one thing, the Chamois cream. We wouldn't really have expected that since we never really use any otherwise, but from about the middle of day 2, it was a perfect companion after all.

We hope this information serves as an inspiration or helps you plan your first bikepacking trip. Do you have any questions about any of these topics? Do you have any further tips, or do you think that something important is missing? We are looking forward to your comment!

The heathlands of the Nordheide

We were highly motivated when we planned our tour towards Lüneburg Heath for April 2, and all of a sudden, we had 130 km to cover. Lots of loose ground, but also some tarmac lay ahead of us. We were well aware that we would certainly be hungry on this tour. The only open stores (supermarkets) would be utterly overcrowded because of the Easter holidays. So, I prepared little pizza rolls to take with us the day before. Nothing worse than being hungry on the road. I just like to be prepared.

So we started our day on Saturday morning after breakfast at about 2° Celsius around 8:30.

We rode through the Hafencity - pretty relaxed this morning, as large parts of the streets were closed off, and security guards were standing around everywhere. Supposedly there was a movie shoot here that we didn't see anything about, but many people took the chance to shoot here for YouTube or for Tik Tok - who knows.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any pictures of the rest of the route here. As Björn mentioned (again and again), every single part of his body hurt, and every little hill we had to climb sapped our energy, and I was already dreaming of a delicious meal on the couch at home. We drove on to get home quickly.

At this point, at the latest, we were more complaining than enjoying the surroundings and the beautiful nature. But sometimes, that's just the way it is. We approached the route very ambitiously, knowing full well that we hadn't ridden so many kilometers at a stretch in a long time. We probably also directly felt almost 800 meters of altitude. We are real flatland people.

In total, we had 7 ½ hours of riding time and were on the road for a little more than 10 hours. Nevertheless, this route was beautiful and definitely worthwhile. We will definitely ride it again.


Follow us on Komoot and ride the route yourself.

Of burning white moors and green forests

We found ourselves on the sofa, recovering from a ride to the west of Hamburg, talking about where to go on Sunday. As so often, it ended with "I don't know, what do you think?" So we decided on a direction; this time, it was north.

So we opened Komoot and started clicking and building our route. From a conversation with a friend, I remembered he really liked Wittmoor and Tangstedter Forst, and since neither of us had been there yet, that was definitely going to be part of our route. We added a few other places and ended up with about 70 km.


Follow us on Komoot and ride the route yourself.

Among nuclear power plants and tree-covered ruins

It's Sunday, 8 o'clock; we knew that we wanted to ride the bike today but still had no plan where to go. I had two options in mind: For the upcoming Orbit360 series, two routes were planned in the Hamburg area. Since one of the routes included a place we had biked many times before, the Holmer Sandberge, we decided on the other. Our friends Johanna & Timo had scouted this route, and I had seen exciting photos of it. Since we did not want to ride 190 km, we edited the route and ended up with just under 100km variant.

After we had breakfast, at least I had, since Jana didn't really feel like eating much this morning, we wanted to get ready. Well... Jana was. I had to go in search of my socks first. You know that situation? You look in the drawer for that pair of socks, but you just can't find them. You keep searching, and suddenly the socks appear right in front of your eyes? How blind can you be? So be it. Let's just download the route for the Wahoo, and off we go.


Follow us on Komoot and ride the route yourself.

Festive 500 / 2020 - A field report

// FESTIVE 500


0 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


60 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


135 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


202 of 500km

Completely exhausted, tired, I feel parts of my body that I haven't felt in a long time. Today's rest day is urgently needed. How anyone can feel so limp after a round of cycling is a mystery to me. An even bigger mystery is, what does my body want from me? And this ... knee ...

Jana also feels a little tired and has slightly sore muscles, but she seems to be in top shape compared to me.

// FESTIVE 500


202 of 500km
// FESTIVE 500


281 of 500km

Buddy, can we go out and ride tonight...?

No, unfortunately not, Lefty. My knee is in pain again, and I also pinched a nerve yesterday, and my back hurts.

So: Sofa, so good.

Jana rode a solid 40 km on Zwift next to the sofa. As a good husband, I supported her mentally and with refilled bidons.

I want to get out and ride my bike again... But I have to listen to my body.

// FESTIVE 500


321 of 500km

It's day 7 of the #festive500 challenge, and while I'm writing these lines, I'm lying on the sofa with my leg up. Nothing has changed about my knee, so that's it for the challenge for me. However, this remarkable woman by my side is still going. She's done 387/500 km and has just brought up the idea of doing the remaining kilometers tomorrow on Zwift in two stages. I have nothing but admiration for her. Yes, it's not cold and windy inside, but with the monotony on the roller trainer, I would never ride more than 2 hours.

I am curious to see if Jana will be able to do it tomorrow. I firmly believe in her, and if it doesn't work out, she will have ridden more kilometers in these eight days than ever before.

// FESTIVE 500


387 of 500km

Happy New Year. Day 8 of the #festive500 and thus the last day. Björn, unfortunately, could not continue. His challenge was over after 280km. His knee was hurting too much, and one's gotta listen to the body.

That meant: another 120 km to go.

Indoors, my longest ride to date had been 50km. Although you're not exposed to the elements, riding outdoors is a bit more exciting and varied.

Fully motivated, I rode the first 61 km, ate a piece of cake, and started the second ride.

After 4 1/2 hours of riding, I was done.

Finally, with 511 km, at least one of us has completed the challenge. We're both proud of ourselves - because we've never ridden so many kilometers at a stretch, and I only really started cycling this summer.

Let's see if we will try again next year. In any case, we are looking forward to 2021 with lots of time on the bike!

First time on an e-bike: Specialized Turbo Creo SL Evo

Welcome to Ride Punk Ride

Moin (that's how we say "hello" here in Hamburg) and welcome to This is our place on the net where we want to write about everything that has to do with cycling in our lives.

So far, we've only done that through our Instagram profile, but we wanted more. As much as we both like Instagram and spend a lot of time there, whether for personal or professional purposes, there are some things we don't like about Instagram. Instagram as a platform is just very limiting, whether it's image formats (you should hear our discussions about how a picture looks much better in landscape format but is then displayed too small on Instagram to attract attention), the length of text, or simply which photos get attention and which just don't "work" on the platform.

With this website we are solving all these problems for us, because we can write more detailed about things that would otherwise be overlooked on Instagram. We can share more photos and share them in reasonable size and quality. Plus, having something to work on with each other is fantastic. After all, we share a passion for cycling and also for photography and social media. So why not try to get more out of it?

Along with this website we are making plans and thinking of ideas for what’s to come and this could all be quite exciting. To start new projects is always something great and in this crazy year 2020 we thought we should use the time to do so.

We are happy to have you here.

// Jana & Björn