We quietly put down our tent and enjoyed the peace and fresh air of the morning. When everything was stowed, and we were dressed, we enjoyed another breakfast composed of chocolate soy milk, cereal and pickles.

We quietly dismantled our tent and enjoyed the peace and fresh air in the morning. When everything was stowed and we were dressed, we enjoyed another breakfast of chocolate soy milk, muesli and pickles.

Then, it was finally time to leave before the teens woke up to this place. They were still pretty quiet as we headed out, though.

We had a great start as we had a good tailwind. The best conditions to easily cover many kilometers with little effort. However, we knew, from looking at the weather report, that we were heading for a thick rain front that was supposed to spread over the entire North Sea coast. That meant pushing the throttle (at least by our standards), as we had about 70-80 km planned for the day.

From here, the landscape opened up and we rode mostly on small gravel roads and cottage roads along the dunes. The landscape was hilly and offered a beautiful view of the Ringkøbing Fjord in several places.

Around us the nature and the landscape was very varied: small beautiful gravel paths among trees in small forests and asphalt bike paths directly through the dunes, an up and down and almost always the sea in the background.

The mood was very special due to the clouds in the sky, even if it became darker and darker and thus looked more threatening. And then came what had to come. The rain, the first big rain on our tour. The sky gave everything and within a very short time we had to make a decision.

Fortunately, we were just before Hvide Sande and could look for us there then a small corner with some protection from the rain. Here we wanted to make a break anyway after about 45 km and then continue.

But, we were torn: Should we continue, should we wait, or should we look for an alternative? The rain was going to last for quite a while. Continuing would have meant that we would have been completely drenched by the time we reached our destination.

Staying under this protective roof was not an option either. Our mood was low, and it was getting cold. So, what next? We scoured the internet - are there any options to make it through the rest of the day and night without getting all wet? Was there any shelter in or nearby Hvide Sande?

Hvide Sande is a small harbor town on the west coast of Denmark, and luckily, there were shelters in the immediate area. All we needed now was to be lucky enough to find a spare one for us. Although it was still early in the day, and we actually wanted to ride about 25 km further, we decided to just ride through the rain and grab one of the shelters. Being completely soaked didn't seem to be an option for us that day.

We were extremely lucky to find that one of three shelters was still available. So, we didn't hesitate and set up camp right away. From the shelter, we had a great view of the Fjord, which was right in front of us, so we snuggled up in our sleeping bags and watched the rain and the waves.

Later in the day, the rain actually stopped, so we were able to explore our surroundings a little bit more.

Well, that was it for this day. We cooked some pasta with pesto and vegan salami and didn't leave the shelter. Even late in the evening when people showed up who supposedly had a shelter reservation. That evening we learned that you can make reservations at some shelters, but of course, you need to know that beforehand, but it seems that no one comes to check. However, after the tiresome day we didn't feel like putting up our tent anymore, and so we stayed in the shelter.

Another day was over and for the next day it meant: make up the kilometers!