On day 5, the first look out of the tent did not bode well. The rain was dripping along the rusty tin roof of the bunker, or rather it was running in streams. Our towels, which we had hung up to dry in the evening, were really soaked. We, the tent and the bikes were dry. After all, we were still in the shelter of the bunker and the wetness did not reach there.

That morning we didn't have breakfast at first, because our plan was to go shopping on the way to the ferry, which was only about 3 km from where we slept, and have breakfast later. We were pretty happy to be able to pack up our tent in the dry, even if we did pack in some sand. Sleeping on sand just has advantages and disadvantages.

While we were packing up our stuff, the rain stopped and the sky got a little brighter. So, our start that day was at least halfway dry. Our timing was good, so Jana did the shopping for our breakfast, and we got directly on the ferry. This ferry should bring us from Thyborøn to Agger Tange, which took just about 12 minutes.

After the short ferry ride, we continued north. Before we actually arrived in Agger, we had to ride for a while on a straight stretch of road. The sky had become overcast again, and so it got darker and darker above us. Also, the forecast did not look good because according to it, there should be a big downpour soon, which would last for about 1 hour. We hoped to find a place to sit out the rain and have breakfast beforehand. But the rain came faster than we would have liked, and so we saved ourselves into a bus stop after the first raindrops. And we stayed there until the rain was over. We had breakfast, watched little toads jumping out of the meadow behind us as soon as the rain let up a bit and crossing the road in front of us. We worried about them, whenever cars drove up.

For this day, we had only planned just under 60 km, and therefore we rather took the time to sit out the rain, before we would be completely soaked all day on our bicycles.

Exactly on time according to the weather forecast, we finally went on. Our route led us through the National Park, Thy. Its nature is exceptional, the area is also called Denmark's largest wilderness. The national park stretches from Agger Tange to Hanstholm, which means we had this wilderness around us all day. And as expected, the scenery and varied nature was beautiful that day as well.

After the rain came the sun and then came the fog. On this day, weather showed us what it had to offer and how the atmosphere of places changes with the weather. The landing place in Stenbjerg is certainly also beautiful when it is sunny, but in the fog it was really special.

Our destination was Cold Hawaii (also called Klitmøller) and a big camping site. After all, we were in dire need of a shower. A real hot shower and a relaxing night, with all the amenities that a campsite has to offer.

In fact, we reached our destination faster than expected, and that was when Björn stumbled upon glamping. Actually, we just wanted a place for our tent ... but then there were these luxury tents that included a real bed, a fridge and even heating. I wonder how it would be to sleep one night in between, in a real bed? Wouldn't that be much more relaxing, and wouldn't we be able to recharge our batteries for the next few days?

Björn did not think long and booked such a tent for us. For excessively much money, but we didn't think too much about it. After all, this was our vacation, and we had not yet spent much money (except for food).

After a refreshing shower, we felt reborn, enjoyed the sunset, which again shone with the most beautiful light, enjoyed a delicious dinner and dried ourselves, ventilating our sleeping bags and clothes. And then it was off to bed. The following morning, coffee and croissants were waiting for us ... and more kilometers.