After a night that could have been a little more restful, we awoke to day 6 of our tour in our luxury tent in Klitmøller. We had a relaxed breakfast in bed and looked forward to the day because the sun showed up again that day, and we packed and enjoyed our coffee. Then we realized that we had to hurry a little and leave the tent.

Besides the sun, the wind was also on our side this day, as it came mainly from behind and occasionally from the side. So again, we moved forward effortlessly with an extra push from behind.

We wanted to drive 105 km, because we had already considered in the evening that we extend our stage to Blokhus. But we also wanted to make it dependent on how the day would be so and how much strength we had in our legs.

Our route led us from Klitmøller further through a beautiful dune landscape, in which we could catch a glimpse of the sea again and again. We made a short detour over a dune in Hanstholm to have a look at the beach, more precisely the Vigsø Bay. There are about 20 bunkers from the Second World War on the beach and in the water.

The wind carried us along lightly until our next stop, the lunch break. We were particularly lucky that day to be able to make the windy break by chance in Thorup Strand. Thorup Strand is located in a natural harbor between Svinkløv and Bulbjerg Klint. Hidden here is Denmark's last coastal mooring - the largest of its kind in all of Scandinavia - where fresh fish is brought ashore year-round directly from the waters of the Jammer Bay. For us, the aspect with the fresh fish was now less interesting, but could benefit from the fact that there was the Haw'kiosken. A small kiosk or also snack bar that sold burgers and fries - even for plant eaters like us.

We could use a veggie burger and fries all too well now. We looked for a windless spot and enjoyed the salty fries and the burger. Rarely has it tasted as good as it did that day. In addition, it was the perfect refreshment after about 50 km on the saddle and for the other 50 km that were still to come.

After more than 100 km we arrived at our destination for the day, which was Blokhus. On this day we decided again for a campsite, but this time for a normal campground, where we wanted to pitch our tent and spend a relaxing evening.

However, the evening was not so relaxed: We were late and the attempt to get a more wind-protected place did only go semi-well. Once we had pitched the tent in the wind, it slowly began to dawn, we still did not shower or eat, so we decided to take a warm shower first. After that, cooking pasta, directly at the tent, was out of the question because the wind was too strong for our gas stove without a separate windbreak. The plan to simply cook the pasta in the cooking rooms of the campsite didn't work out because the doors were already locked. So, Jana had to cook the pasta in the cold wind, in the outside next to the cooking and common rooms. It was almost impossible, since the wind came from all directions and the water just didn't boil. Also, she forgot to bring a spoon and therefore had no possibility to stir anything.

After what felt like an eternity, we could finally eat pasta with tomato sauce in the dark, with a headlamp in the tent. At least it was halfway cooked.

Now you would think that this was the end of the day, and we could finally sleep - but this turned out to actually not be the case. The wind pressed so strongly against the tent that we wondered whether the tent would withstand it for long. So Björn, in the middle of the night outside the tent, had to pull the wind lines, which we had never used until that day.

After that we could finally sleep. At least the night still had a few hours for us and then we were already approaching the last two days ...