It was the second to last day. That wind from the previous day didn't let up on this day either. Following a little breakfast with muesli, we managed to get everything packed up and settled in for the day. It was the calm before the storm, as we were in for a crosswind that day. And a decent one at that. Up to 45 km/h wind speed was announced. I don't remember how powerful the gusts were, moreover. Both our legs and our bodies were barely recovered from the short night, and so we set off tired.

At Grønhøj Strand it literally takes you to the coast because the route leads along the beach with a beautiful view of the sea. After about 5 km along the beach, the stretch ends at the seaside resort of Løkken.

The crosswind demanded all our strength on this day and thanks to our bags, the one or other gust of wind pushed us a little to the side. The effort consisted of not simply toppling over with the bike, which fortunately turned out to be doable, but tugged quite a bit on the nerves.

At Grønhøj Strand it literally goes to the coast, because the route goes along the beach for about 5 km with a view of the sea. After about 5 km along the beach ends at the seaside resort of Løkken.

Cycling along the water was a great experience and fortunately for us, the wind here was bearable and still came "only" from the side. The sand is firm and can be driven well, only on other cyclists, walkers and cars you have to be careful in between. This section was definitely the most beautiful on this day.

Actually, our plan for this day was also to visit the lighthouse Rubjerg Knude Fyr and this was also on our way. At least we had planned a visit and our route led us directly past the lighthouse.

The Rubjerg Knude sand dune has a special meaning for us. It is a shifting dune between Lønstrup and Løkken.

In 2019, we have been to this place before and got engaged. Despite sand in our eyes, this day has remained a special memory for us.

However, there was a catch: Since the lighthouse is located in the middle of the shifting sand dune, we would have had to push our bikes through the partly really deep sand - through which we would never have gotten our packed bikes pushed. In addition, the wind was so strong that we already got sand in our eyes from far away and watched the many tourists walking to the lighthouse with narrowed eyes.

Therefore, we decided not to visit the lighthouse and saved our energy for the rest of the day. We also decided that we would just come back again and then visit the lighthouse. Since this was only moved 70 m inland in 2019, so that it does not fall into the sea, it will certainly stand there until our next visit.

Despite the strong crosswind, we reached our destination faster than we had expected. For the night we wanted to look again for a place on a camping site in Hirtshals. Right next to the place was the Hirtshals Fyr, which is one of the highest lighthouses in Denmark with a fire height of 57 meters.

Since the wind still did not let up and the campsite could also offer us a small hut, we decided for this. So the night should be quieter than the previous one.

The campsite was busy, which is also due to the fact that from there the port is not far away and many take the ferry in the direction of Nordwegen.

After unloading our bags, we got something for dinner and decided to go out again for the sunset. It was just too beautiful that evening, with the wind and the surroundings.

We rode towards the beach along a few trails and roads that were occupied by tiny sand piles due to the strong winds.

After this little expedition into the sandstorm, there really wasn't a body part left that wasn't covered in sand. Days later, it was still trickling out of our clothes. It was a wonderful farewell into the night, and soon the last day was upon us ...