We started day number 8 and with it the last day that we will spend completely on our bikes! Today's stage was a bit shorter: we only have 58 km to go from Hirtshals to the northernmost point of Denmark at Skagen. Plus a few more kilometers grinding on the sand.

That morning started overcast, but dry. With the wind having calmed down and not much to pack up, we were able to start the day relaxed. Our mood was joyful because we eventually reached our destination and at the same time a bit wistful as we knew that our journey, that all these beautiful impressions and being outside, all the time, would soon come to an end.

We had been looking forward to this vacation for such a long time, and now it was almost over. But we enjoyed this day to the fullest once again.

Our route took us a little inland through beautiful dune and heath landscapes.

The sun came out sporadically in between the clouds, but unfortunately also rain. Fortunately, not as heavy rain as a few days ago. Having sheltered under a tree in a patch of heath and waiting out a big shower, we continued to ride along the route on a couple of paved roads. I was still rejoicing and praising that we had made it through all of our stages the last few days without any major breakdowns or flat tires. Then it happened.

Due to the rain splashing up from the tires, you could hardly see it, but then we noticed that one of us had a few white spots on her windbreaker.

Of course, this was not seagull poop, but tubeless milk from Björn's rear tire. After a few stops and multiple inflation, the sealant just wouldn't seal the tire, and still wouldn't. After each kilometer (that's right, we did not make more than 1 km) we had to reinflate the tire. In addition, it was still raining. After what felt like countless stops to pump, Björn decided to "patch" the hole with a tubeless plug. The leak looked pretty small, but obviously didn't seal on its own. However, we then finally rolled on without needing another top-up.

Right before Skagen, we were riding past a sign that said Den Tilsandede Kirke (The Sanded Church). Since it was still early in the day, we decided to take a look at what was behind that name. We realized that if you didn't know this was a church, you might as well think it was just a house in the dunes.

We reached Grenen, the tip of Jutland, where the two seas of the Skagerrak and the Kattegat meet. After we decided not to push our bikes through the sand to the very tip, we took our" finishing photo" and looked for a campsite. Early the next morning we had to get to the train station in Skagen, so we wanted to be as close to it as possible. So, as usual, Björn went to the reception and when he got out he said we might take a cabin again - this time with private shower and toilet. We decided to go for it, also with the thought of not having such a stress packing up in the morning.

Well, what did we get? A cabin for up to six people, with a kitchen, bathroom and jacuzzi! Quite luxury for our bodies after 8 days on the bike.

First, though, we quickly packed our bags off the bikes and rode to the very top once again. And this time all the way to the edge. It's exciting to stand at the very tip of Jutland and the Danish mainland and watch the waves of the two seas meet. We were also able to see seals on the beach. There was even a baby seal. The fact that we couldn't jump into the water wasn't so bad on this gray day, since the waves washed up an unbelievable number of jellyfish. We saw more jellyfish than water.

Impressive and a bit creepy.

Our day ended with a delicious meal, a soak in the hot tub and cozy in a bed.