Moin and welcome to!

We are Jana & Björn, two enthusiastic cyclists, who like to share everything cycling in our lives. So far, we've only done that on our Instagram profile, but we want more. We really like Instagram and spend a lot of time there, but there are just some things we don't like about the platform.

For example, Instagram is very restrictive when it comes to image formats. We've had many discussions about how a photo looks much better in landscape format, but is displayed too small on Instagram to attract attention. Text length is also limited on Instagram, and sometimes there are photos that just don't "work" on the platform.

With this website, we solve all these problems for ourselves because we can write in more detail about things that are otherwise overlooked on Instagram. We can share more photos and publish them in appropriate size and quality. Plus, it's fantastic to have something we can work on together. After all, we share a passion for cycling and also for photography and social media. So, why not try to make more of it?

Besides this website, we are making plans and thinking about ideas for the future. In this crazy year of 2020, we decided to take advantage of the time and start new projects. It's going to be exciting for sure.

Would you like to learn more about us? Then visit our "About us" page. There you can learn more about our history, our passion for cycling and us personally.

We are happy to have you here and hope you enjoy our posts!