One thing to be said up front, this isn't an incredibly long or challenging route. It's a relaxed 40 kilometers that invite you to linger and marvel at the highlights. For us, discovering new places or rediscovering places we already know is always part of the experience.

To ensure that the route is accessible to many people, it starts at the small train station in Werne. It then leads along the Werner Stadtwald, past the school center, and along the hospital out of the town.

Already after a few, really very few kilometers you pass the first highlight. (Not for us personally, because we don't drink alcohol). For you could be the Grain distillery Ehringhausen however, be interesting. Here you can browse the selection of liqueurs, brandies and gins in the farm store, or book a tour of the distillery including tasting in advance.

You are continuing amidst fields, meadows, and woods. Along the edges of Südkirchen and through a small nature reserve called Bakenbusch. After about 13 kilometers, you will reach the southern entrance of the Nordkirchen castle park. Through beautiful forest paths, you proceed to Schloss Nordkirchen. While you can already see the castle, you will pass the Oranienburg before the steps at the moat in front of the castle invite you to pause and daydream.

The next kilometers will take you through the typical Münsterland area: fields, meadows, and forests. After a total of just under 30 kilometers, you'll reach Schloss Westerwinkel. It's not as massive as Schloss Nordkirchen but has a charm all of its own. For us, it's much more appealing than Schloss Nordkirchen. We prefer it to be low-key. To leave Schloss Westerwinkel behind you, you keep riding across the golf course, on paths, of course.

After another kilometer, you pass the Horne spring. A bench invites you to take a break, but you've just had one. So you continue riding down the forest highway. Passing a stamping station of the Way of St. James, the last 10 kilometers lead you back to the train station in Werne.


Distillery Ehringhausen

A local Korn distillery that is passionate about creating new flavors for brandies and liqueurs: also, since summer 2016, the company has added a gin made from high-quality botanicals.

The origins of the Ehringhausen distillery date back to 1962. It is located on the Ehringhausen farm, whose history dates back to 1237.

Distillery Ehringhausen

Nordkirchen Castle

Schloss Nordkirchen is one of the most famous and popular destinations in the Münsterland region and is an impressive example of great architecture. The "Westphalian Versailles" is situated in the middle of an enormous park. It is an outstanding example of an entirely preserved baroque complex.

The 18th-century castle with its spacious park of around 170 hectares has been declared worthy of protection by UNESCO as a "total work of art of international standing".

Westerwinkel Castle

Schloss Westerwinkel is a baroque moated castle.

The peculiarity of this castle is not based on an eventful past or on a fascinating architectural history. Rather, it differs from all other castles rather by its own character. It is reserved, like the inhabitants of this area; it hides in the high forests and in the meadows and fields enclosed with hedges; it seems to want to remain rather alone, hidden from any stranger, content with itself and its small world.