As we pushed our pedals through the scenic Veluwe National Park, every turn revealed a new spectacle. Spanning 50km of pure, unadulterated nature, the journey was as much about the mesmerizing green hues and the intoxicating forest aromas as it was about the soundscapes – from the whispering leaves to the distant chirps of woodland creatures.

But amidst this orchestra of natural sounds, an unexpected encounter awaited us: the iconic Radio Kootwijk. A monument of architectural wonder, it stood tall and proud amidst the verdant expanse, symbolizing man’s endeavors in the heart of wilderness.

This ride was a harmonious juxtaposition of man-made marvels and nature’s splendor, and we’ve captured these unforgettable moments for you. Dive in, and let the beauty of Veluwe and the enigma of Radio Kootwijk captivate your senses