Hej, I’m Jana

I was born a twin sister in the early ’90s and spent many vacations on the German North Sea coast. There my great love for the sea and its tides began.

As a family, we often made bike trips to the nearest ice cream parlor or to the airport to watch planes landing and taking off. The bicycle was always my means of transportation, and since I began living alone, I’ve gone everywhere by bike. Driving a car? That was never really my thing, despite having a driver’s license, and it still isn’t.

When I’m not riding my bike or working as a social media manager, I love to cook and bake, talk about vegan food, and most of all, eat, of course.

As a young girl, I began to process my thoughts and experiences through writing, and I discovered my joy in photography.

Although I’ve always been a city person, I’ve always felt most comfortable in nature (for example, by the sea in a tent). There, I could best organize my thoughts and unwind.

In some situations, I can be very perfectionistic, and spontaneity is not one of my strengths. I like to plan things in advance to be prepared for everything.